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*NEW* Charcoal and Turmeric cleansing pads

*NEW* Charcoal and Turmeric cleansing pads

Ifamouz heard your cry and we have answered your request . YES, we now have turmeric soap pads and they are amazing! This one though has charcoal which has amazing benefits for my oily and combination skin Littys. Activated charcoal helps to remove any impurities in the skin - which keeps your skin healthy and prevents the breakout of acne.

Activated charcoal is the key ingredient to turn to when you want a deeper cleanse that removes deeper impurities from your face.

Makeup lovers: If you use a lot of different makeup products, over time some your pores can clogged and cause blemishes like pimples, blackheads, or overall dirt buildup.

Using an activated charcoal cleanser or face scrub is a great way to fight off the negative effects of impurities under your skin. It’s safe to use regularly. But if you tend to have dry or sensitive skin, use a scrub as a weekly deep cleansing. People with oily skin will benefit more from a regular or daily charcoal face wash.

The same ingredients and formula that goes into our famous turmeric soap now comes in a handy cotton pad. Soapy, silky and over all refreshing for a glow out of this world and moisturized skin to match.

Just a drip of water a little blow (optional) and circulate the pad around your face or problem areas then dispose.

Baby the brand ambassadors are lit about this one! See video for details❤️

30 pads for daily use

Get our combo package for best results!

Active ingredient

Activated charcoal


Aloe Vera

Shea butter

jojoba oil

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