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Ready to get this glow?

The IFamouz turmeric soap has been a hit since it premiered back in August of 2018. The reviews are incredible (check photo gallery)

Now our turmeric line is complete adding a whipped cleanser and a moisturizer that only takes a few drops per day.

 Here is some additional information ifamouz turmeric soap bar

It’s made with goats milk, shea butter, 100% aloe Vera,  and of course turmeric root. there are absolutely zero pore clogging ingredients used in these products.

Benefits include:

Naturally glowing skin

Softer and more supple skin to the touch

Reduces the appearance of dark circles around eyes

Treats redness and blemishes from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, oily, conbination and dry skin type skin conditions.

Fights off acne and treats acne scars

Reduces excess production of melanin

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Reduces unwanted facial hair

Your skin will be hydrated all day long

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