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Glow by iFamouz™️  Yoni Wash

Glow by iFamouz™️ Yoni Wash

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Keep it cute sis! Our vegan yoni wash is the exact recipe we use in our yoni bars just inform form
With clean hands pump some yoni wash and wash your vulva with warm water. Spread your lips apart and gently cleanse around the folds, using your hands (preferably) or with a clean wash cloth. AVOID getting water or soap inside your vagina!!! enjoy the bubbling reaction when the wash is cleansing your pum pum
Helps with:
 keeping daily ph balance 
Soothes irritation 
Helps prevent bacteria and yeast infections 
Brings out your natural freshness 
And it’s a sensitive formula so if you’re prone to infection this should not bother your pum pum❤️ *this product contains grapefruit if you are allergic to citrus please DO NOT USE
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